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General Info

The Bronson LCL chargers convert incoming alternate current (AC) voltage into 14,6V DC (or 29,2V DC), which is the ideal charging voltage for charging 12V (and 24V) LiFePO4 batteries. Through solid design, the LCL series allows to reliably and efficiently charge the Bronson Outdoor MBL series in even the most challenging environments.

Using the LCL is simple: the plug needs to be connected to the MBL, and the power plug connects to the power supply. The charging cycle starts on a constant current charge and finishes in constant voltage mode.

The BMS (Battery Management System) installed in the MBL series collaborates with the LCL chargers monitoring and protecting the batteries during the whole charge cycle. On the one hand, the BMS automatically balances the cells out, maintaining overall battery health. On the other hand, the BMS will ensure cutting the battery from the charger when it’s fully loaded, avoiding overloading the battery. At the same time, the BMS will detect any defects on the charger and protect the battery from subsequent overcurrent or short circuits.

A perfect charger in a rough environment

The easy way to charge Lithium-Ion batteries.

  • Powerful: up to 40A charge current available

  • Rugged design: strong and solid cases protect the charger against impacts

  • Intelligent: the whole charge cycle is monitored and secured

  • Energy efficiency: modern PWM chipsets control the charging process

  • Wordlwide applicable: input voltage range between 100V and 240V AC