Warranty Conditions

According to the German Civil Code (BGB), a statutory warranty period of two years applies to all new electrical appliances. Accordingly, proven material and/or production defects will be rectified if they occur within 2 years, i.e. 24 months, after being delivered to the first end customer and are communicated to the distributor or manufacturer. All malfunctions that occur during the first 6 months after delivery, will be considered as material or production defects. The following conditions, the requirements, and the scope from our warranty service preserve the warranty obligations instituted by law which result in a purchase contract between a commercial seller and an end buyer.

The following guarantee conditions apply for Bronson products:

  • Defects or damage demonstrably caused by improper installation, commissioning or misuse will not be covered by the warranty. The same applies to usage and storage in non-compliant environmental conditions e.g. excessive temperature or humidity, lack of care, or neglect for operation and installation instructions.
  • It’s strictly forbidden for unauthorized persons to conduct any repairs or any other kind of interventions on our products, as well as adding spare parts and/or accessories which are not approved by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with this will invalidate the warranty.
  • In case of a warranty claim, the distributor or manufacturer can choose between repairing the defective device or replacing it for an equivalent, perfectly functioning one.
  • The repair and replacement are free of charge. However, the end-user is responsible for returning the defective appliance to the dealer or manufacturer and must pay for the shipping costs incurred.
  • If a warranty case is made, no extension of the warranty period shall be applied for any replaced devices or installed spare parts.
  • Consequential damages such as incidental costs (e.g. telecommunication, loss of time, damage on third-party appliances, etc.) - insofar a liability is not mandatorily ordered by law - are not covered.

Important: The warranty conditions only apply to devices that are sold and operated in Germany. The same warranty conditions apply to devices sold within the EU, i.e. ETFA, as long as the technical requirements of the appliance (e.g. voltage, current, electrical power, frequency, etc.) and the environmental conditions are met in the country of destination.

Be aware that our services will continue to be at your disposal after the expiration of the statutory warranty period.

Warranty process

In the event of a material or functional defect, please ensure that the warranty is not excluded under the warranty conditions listed above.

In case of a warranty claim, please contact our service department at support@bronson-energy.com and provide the following information:

  • name and address
  • if applicable, the name of the distributor
  • serial number and model name
  • original proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, delivery note)
  • defect description